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Rose Day – How To Celebrate The First Day Of The Valentine’s Week

Are you ready to welcome the first day of valentine’s week? The beginning of the week of love is marked with rose day. You know the valentine’s week is set like a story that begins with presenting a rose to your loved one. Every love story begins with a simple rose which tends to say hundreds of words on your behalf. Which is why, rose day is scheduled the first day in the week as it is a simple gesture that any person in love can try to form a bond with someone they love. It helps you to figure out whether the other person reciprocates your feelings or not. So, a simple rose serves as a perfect start for the week that can be a blast if your rose is accepted. Rose flower is considered a symbol of love, the world knows it, and you know it too, right? The different colours of roses express so many different meanings just so you can save your words and let the rose do all the talking. 

So, rose day, huh? What are your preparations for it? You don’t need something extraordinary, you can save the xtraordinary for valentine’s day. You can make it special while still keeping it simple. The beginning of the week should be special, right? It is like a glimpse for your partner on what the week holds for him or her. Along with buying rose day gifts, you need some ideas to celebrate the first day of the love week. You are just at the right place as I’m going to list down some simple ways to make rose day special for your date/bae/partner. 

Decorate home 

The first idea that you can easily execute without having to worry about your skills or budget. If it is your first time that you will be celebrating rose day with someone, you can make it really adorable by decorating your place. Invite your date over your place and surprise him or her with a rosy affair. Decorating your own place is an advantage to you because you won’t have to spend a high amount of money to rent another place. Plus, you are well aware of your own place, thus you can make proper use of every little corner. The decoration will stay with you even after the day is over. You get tons of romantic ideas on how you can decorate your home, all you need are lots and lots of roses which will be available in abundance on rose day. Well, focus on the entrance as your date will enter from there. 

Turn car into rose garden

If inviting your date over your place is not possible due to any XYZ reasons, don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to show your creative skills. Let your car be your venue for the day. It’s like a moving venue which is even better. You can turn your car into a rose garden by sticking roses and spreading the petals which will make your car a really romantic place from the inside. As I already told you that there is a lot that can be done with roses. The good thing about using a car for the same is that if you don’t own one, you can rent it for an evening, it will still cost you much less than renting a place. Also, it is easier to decorate a car than a whole house because of less space. So, your work will be done easily. 

A rosy scrapbook

Another amazing idea to make your bae feel special on this first day of the love week is by preparing a scrapbook. Remember how we used to make scrapbooks for our school assignments? So, this means you are aware of how to make one. Prepare a rosy scrapbook in the same manner with pictures and rose decoration going on. It may feel a little kiddush, but you know these kiddish things become special when we become adults. 

Rose day gifts

If making a scrapbook is not your cup of tea, you can buy valentines day gifts and still make it special for your date. Your gift can be anything from a flower bouquet to rose necklace or earrings. 

These are some ways to celebrate rose day with your love.

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